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Estudio Luis Úrculo - Matadero nave 16

Film by Luis Úrculo

Collaborators: Mauricio Freyre

Filmaking & Postproduction: Sr. Gordo

Graphics: Dani Robert

Cast: Renee Rousouw, Carissa Santoso, Barark Alberro, Maria Perales, Nuria Úrculo

A narration about the programs and activities of the new center to be built in Matadero Art Center in Madrid.

We start with an autopsy, a complete breakdown of all the pieces that have been necessary for the creation of the piece: models mockups, lighting equipment, work sketches, tools ... where we locate the headlines.

Thereafter, a sequence of scales: the space itself, on which we build a dilation of the same on black and white (first simplification), where the characters are located as observers to discuss about the third scale, the model. A matryoshka made of out spaces: the Matadero Space. 3 Scales, three languages.

The scenes are presented labeled on posters which fall in front of the scenes, marking the movement and location of the model characters. 

The narrative is a composition of multiple actions at various scales, as a musical Canon.

olucru (Youtube)

Estudio Luis Úrculo - Matadero nave 16
Estudio Luis Úrculo - Matadero nave 16
Estudio Luis Úrculo - Matadero nave 16